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faceless adj : without a face or identity; "a faceless apparition"; "the faceless accusers of the police state" [ant: faced]

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  1. Having no face
  2. Having, or revealing no individual identity or character; anonymous.
    They are a faceless coorporation.

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Faceless is the third studio album by the heavy metal Godsmack. the album was released on April 8, 2003. This is the band's first album with former Ugly Kid Joe drummer Shannon Larkin. The songs "Straight Out of Line" and "I Stand Alone" had Grammy nominations for 'Best Rock Song' and, 'Best Hard Rock Performance' respectively.

Track listing

All music and lyrics written by Erna.
  1. "Straight Out of Line"– 4:19
  2. "Faceless"– 3:35
  3. "Changes"– 4:19
  4. "Make Me Believe"– 4:08
  5. "I Stand Alone"– 4:07
  6. "Re-Align"– 4:20
  7. "I Fucking Hate You"– 4:08
  8. "Releasing the Demons"– 4:12
  9. "Dead and Broken"– 4:11
  10. "I Am"– 3:59
  11. "The Awakening"– 1:30
  12. "Serenity"– 4:34


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